Download | Alikiba & Tommy Flavour – Huku (Audio)

Ali Saleh Kiba, best known by his stage name Alikiba or King Kiba, is making waves with a brand new Amapiano hit dubbed Huku, featuring his very own protege Tommy Flavour.

Listen to Alikiba & Tommy Flavour – Huku (Audio)

Download | Alikiba & Tommy Flavour – Huku (Audio)

Liverpool players training while listening  to Alikiba’s ‘Huku’ song
Alikiba and Tommy Flavour under Kings Music Records label have gone global after a video emerged showing Liverpool team players in England taking part in training while enjoying listening to the Tanzanian stars’ recent song, Huku.

The video was brought up by a prominent sports analyst from Clouds FM, Shaffih Dauda, who through his Instagram page, shared the video showing stars like Anorld Alexander and Mohammed Salah in the team’s weightlifting training room while the ‘Huku’ song playing in the background.

“The song ‘HUKU’ by @officialalikiba and @tommyflavour is being played while Liverpool players are training. It’s on Liverpool’s official YouTube channel!” Dauda wrote in the short clip.

Alikiba and Tommy Flavor released the song about a month ago and two weeks ago they were able to release the official video.

The song has some Amapiano rhythm in the distance which is mixed with Bongo Fleva rhythms.

“Here, hold me here, baby, hold me here,” the rhyme part of the song sings.

When they released the audio of the song and with an unofficial video, it got more than 1.6 million viewers within that one month but since releasing the official video, 12 days now the song has hit more than 600k views.

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Professor Jay, Alikiba’s new joint project underway
The former Member of Parliament for Mikumi in Tanzania, Joseph Haule, famously known as Professor Jay in the rap kingdom, has announced good news to his fans after a silence of about two years in hospital.

Through his Instagram page, Professor Jay uploaded a picture together with the famous Bongo Fleva artist, Alikiba as they greeted each other with a smile while sitting.

He announced that he will soon make a big comeback in the Bongo hip-hop industry and this time his first release will be a powerful collaboration featuring the artist from Kings Music label.

“When KING meets KING @officialalikiba 💣💣🔥Studio Session 💪🏻💪🏻 The future is very exciting✍️✍️✍️,” Jay wrote.

Many fans were filled with joy to see Professor Jay back to his best and welcome him back to the music industry that he had led for more than 20 years.

“Unyama ni Mwangi, my two favorite music icons!” one wrote.

“You are a hell of an artist my big brother @professorjaytz every time I think of you I pray to God that you continue to be healthy every day today so I am very happy when I see that God is accepting my prayers in a big way. I also believe that I am not the only one who is praying for you, millions of people are with you side by side, I hope everything is going well as we wish. All in all, we are eagerly waiting for your new arrival” Shamnyoka complimented Jay.

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For the first time, Alikiba and Diamond will perform on the same day in Kenya

For the first time in the history of Bongo Fleva music, artists Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz will have their shows performed on the same day in Kenya.

The artists who have been known to have a long-standing feud will be performing on October 28.

Diamond will be performing in Nairobi at the Ngong Racecourse for the big October fest organized by the Tusker beer company.

At the same time, Alikiba will also be performing in Eldoret at the launch of the TLB entertainment club which will open on October 28.

However, unlike Diamond who has confirmed through his internet pages to attend and perform at the October fest, Alikiba has not confirmed his presence in Eldoret but on the TLB Lounge club’s Instagram page, they have posted a sign confirming that the Kings Music artist will be there.

This will be a special day for Kenyan Bongo Fleva fans who for a long time have also been arguing about the dominance of the two artists as to who should be officially crowned as the king of the music genre.

It remains to be seen which artist’s concert will overflow more, even though the concerts will be held in different cities separated by a distance of more than 300 kilometers.

Alikiba allegedly dated another girl

Long-time Bongo artist Fleva Alikiba is said to have found a new lover amidst the turmoil in his marriage with his Kenyan wife Amina Khelef.

Alikiba, who is not very talkative, uploaded a picture of the beauty and revealed her name while celebrating her birthday with cans and calling her ‘girlfriend’.

The beautiful Babi Sherrie is a video vixen and starred in the artist’s song So Hot.

But what surprised the netizens was the move of the artist to call her ‘girlfriend’, even though it is very rare for him to upload a picture of a young woman on his web pages.

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“Babe Sherrie, happy birthday dear,” Alikiba wrote.

However, some fans went online and revealed that Alikiba had already awarded the beauty an IST-type car and he is attached to her.

After the photo stirred up heat on the internet, Alikiba deleted it and no other statement has come from his camp.

It will be remembered that Alikiba’s wife, Amina Khelef has been accusing the artist of what she claims has refused to set her free by giving her a divorce despite their love breaking up more than a year ago.

When Alikiba himself was asked about giving his wife a divorce, he said that the marriage is his and he has a solution to all the problems, but he also pointed out that it is a very small thing that cannot overcome him so much that he is told what to do by the fans.

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