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The East African musical giant and businessman, Diamond Platnumz, is here with a brand new single dubbed Overdose.

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Download | Diamond Platnumz – Overdose (Audio)

Diamond makes it clear what broke his relationship with Zuchu

Diamond and Zuchu’s latest actions on social media have raised concerns about their relationship.

Diamond pointed out that his girlfriend has been taking advantage of him because of his great love for her.

Things may have gone wrong in the relationship of two Bongo stars who are said to be lovers, Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu.

Their latest actions on their social media accounts have raised serious concerns among their many followers who have been following and admiring their relationship for more than a year.

It all started with Zuchu announcing that she is now single and heartbroken.

“Single..” she wrote on her Snapchat account and attached a broken heart emoji ‘๐Ÿ’”’

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The daughter of the taarab legend, Khadija Kopa continued to take steps to delete all the photos and videos of her boss who has long been alleged to have a romantic relationship with her.

Diamond continued to raise concerns among their fans as he posted a cryptic message on his Instagram page that seemed to talk about his relationship.

The WCB boss agreed with the words of the meme that read, “Put your lover in front of you and watch her start abusing you.”

With that post, Diamond seemed to imply that Zuchu has been taking advantage of him because of his great love for her.

The two, however, have not confirmed the concern or given more details about what is going on between them.

Before taking the controversial step of deleting all Diamond’s photos on her Instagram page, the ‘Sukari’ hitmaker posted two beautiful photos of her with her boss.

Alongside the pictures, she published a part of her new song ‘Utaniua’ and added to the rumors of a strong relationship between them.

“If we don’t have a stool, it is sunna to eat on the mat. Know me well when I eat noodles. Don’t think that my pride will leave me to be laughed at. Baby, the pleasure of the activity should be funny,” she sang in the part she shared.

About two weeks ago, Diamond excited his family members as he introduced his artist as his wife during the birthday party of his elder sister Esma.

After giving his speech at the party, the WCB boss invited Zuchu and identified her as his spouse.

“Now my partner Zuhura said that she would really like us to come together. Now I am a fan of orders, I pray that she come and present,” Diamond said while the party room was filled with joy and cheers.

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Before leaving the stage and taking his place, the singer also referred to Zuchu as his sister Esma’s in-law.

“Then we will know if she is in love with her sister-in-law,” he said.

The attendees of the party seemed very happy with the introduction of Diamond to Zuchu, a clear sign that most of them have approved the relationship between the two and are ready to witness the marriage.

Zuchu’s reaction after the break up with Diamond Platnumz

The ‘Sukari’ hitmaker hinted that he is heartbroken by his girlfriend’s announcement that he is now single.

Zuchu took the step to delete photos of his boss Diamond, who is rumored to have been dating him.

Queen of Bongofleva, Zuhura Othman aka Zuchu has raised serious concerns about her relationship status following her latest post on Snapchat.

On Friday, the singer with the beautiful voice to pull a snake out of a cave hinted at her heartbreak and announced that she is now single.

Zuchu, however, did not give more details about the new information and left his fans to think and guess what happened.

In addition, it has been revealed that the daughter of the taarab legend, Khadija Kopa also took the step to delete all the photos of her boss Diamond Platnumz who has been alleged to be in a relationship with him for a long time.

This comes just a day after the ‘Sukari’ hitmaker posted a beautiful photo of himself with the WCB boss.

Alongside the pictures, he published a part of his new song ‘Utaniua’ and added to the rumors of a strong relationship between them.

“If we don’t have a stool, it is sunna to eat on the mat. Know me well when I eat noodles and eat. Don’t think that my pride will leave me to be laughed at. Baby, the pleasure of the activity should be funny,” he sang in the part he shared.

Two Diamond family members, Esma Platnumz and Romy Jons seemed to approve of their marriage and accept Zuchu as a new brother-in-law.

While commenting under Zuchu’s post on Instagram on Friday, Esma who is Diamond’s older sister referred to the pop music queen as ‘Bride’.

Zuchu responded to his brother-in-law’s message with laughing emojis “๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚”

Diamond’s cousin, Rommy Jones, on his part, wished him well for his expected marriage with the idiot from Zanzibar.

“May your marriage be successful Inshallah,” he wrote under the photo of the two lovers that he uploaded on his page.

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A few days ago, Zuchu failed to hide his happiness after Diamond sent him a beautiful Valentine’s Day message.

In the letter that Zuchu showed, Diamond told him why he didn’t send her gifts on Valentine’s Day like many other men around the world did for their lovers.

“Happy Valentine’s Day dear. Yes, I know you think I’m late, I’m not late because for us every day is Valentine’s Day. That’s why I didn’t want to bring you anything yesterday (February 14) so that you know that yesterday is not just a day, but for us every day is an important day ,” Diamond’s message read.

The Wasafi boss continued to tell Zuchu how she changed his view of Valentine’s Day in the world.

He also took the opportunity to assure the daughter of the queen of feeds, Khadija Kopa, about his deep love for her.

“Valentine’s Day meant nothing to me before. I want you to know that I love you yesterday, today, tomorrow, every minute and every second of our lives,”

Diamond further prayed for his lover for unparalleled happiness and God’s abundant blessings in life.

“May God fill your heart with happiness and your wallet with money so that you can buy more land and houses in Zanzibar,” he wrote.

Zuchu who completely failed to hide her happiness revealed how she was overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears of joy after receiving that beautiful message of love from the one who excites her heart.

“I’m crying like a baby. He’s going to kill me,” she said alongside a photo of Diamond’s letter that she showed on Wednesday.

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