Download | Marioo – Love Song (Audio) ft. Alikiba

Download and listen to the brand new hit single dubbed Love Song by Tanzanian singer-songwriter, composeer and recording artist Omary Ally Mwanga, famously known as Marioo, featuring The Tanzania’s top notch singer Ali Saleh Kiba, best known by his stage name Alikiba or King Kiba.

Listen to Marioo – Love Song (Audio) ft. Alikiba

Download | Marioo – Love Song (Audio) ft. Alikiba

Marioo is among the Bongo Flava talents in the new generation who captured the scene with his unique singing style. Apparently if you turn on your TV, listen to your FM Radio or visit social media pages, everywhere you will come across Marioo’s work.

Talent, hard work and not giving up, are among the things that made this young man from low life become the talk of the game for the new generation making fresh money.

The works of his hands preceded him to become famous after he wrote strong songs for many artists. And now it’s his turn to catch.

Where did Marioo come from?

Marioo whose full name is Omari Mwanga was born in 1995 in Dar es Salaam and when he was still a small child, his parents took him to live with his grandmother, Rufiji in the Coast region.

After finishing primary education and failing to continue with secondary education, he had to work in a restaurant (mama ntilie) and that’s when he also decided to get involved in music.

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“I struggle a lot in music because before here I used to work for my mother and wait in a restaurant,” says Marioo who is Mndengereko from Rufiji, Pwani but was born in Temeke, Dar es Salaam.

“During the period when I started to realize myself, my mother took me to my grandmother Kibiti, there I studied primary and secondary school and I ended up in the first form due to various reasons in life.

“We have three children, I am the last one. My father was a conductor and he has passed away. My mother is there, and she used to work in a factory in Vingunguti,” says Marioo.

His music career

Marioo is known for his strong songs like ‘Dar Kugumu’, ‘Manyaku’, ‘Ifunanya’, ‘Inatosha’, ‘Raha’, ‘Chibonge’ which he shared with Abbah Process and the new song which he recently shared ‘Weka’ by a famous artist in the country, Dully Sykes.

He says his entry into music was due to his inability to continue with secondary education due to family challenges.

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He says the name Mario (pronounced Marioo) is derived from his real name Omari, removing the first letter “O” and moving it to the end of the name.

And he emphasizes that his Marioo is not the one used in the city, meaning young men who like banana peels (skiing) in the downhill life of being raised by women with high incomes.

Joining Tanzania House of Talent (THT)

He says that after a long struggle in music, he was lucky enough to join Tanzania House of Talent (THT), which was owned by the former Director of Production and Programs of Clouds Media, Ruge Mutahaba.

He says there he met artists who were already musical and worked with them, including composing songs for them.

Song writing

In addition to singing, Mariaoo is a songwriter and has written some popular songs such as ‘Banana’ by Janjaro, ‘Nampa Papa’ by Gigy Money, ‘Wasikudanganye’ by Nandy, ‘Nabembea’ by Ditto, ‘Pambe ya Christian’ Bella, ‘Mchakamchaka’ by Shilole, ‘Bado’ by Mwasiti and Billinas and others.

He says he doesn’t choose the type of songs, he uses beats and ghosts of beats to write songs.

After writing behind the scenes songs for several artists that became popular while he was unknown, he finally decided to venture into singing. And it was definitely the right decision, because since then he has remained at the top. He blows money.

However, among the things he enjoys is working with Dully Sykes as he has been following him since many days in his music and he is the one who helped him get here.

“I remember I used to listen to my works in the past and he promised to help me, I sat with him in his studio and he also helped me with about Sh500,000 to add to the making of the video.”

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Is he gonna end up like Aslay?

However, due to releasing songs continuously, Marioo has denied the news of some people who claim that he will end up lost as happened to the artist Aslay who released songs continuously until he ended up on the road.

However, Aslay himself emerged and claimed that his songbook was stolen and after he found it, he decided to release the series and after it ended, he is now releasing it on time.

‘Chibonge’ hit rose him to fame

He says the song ‘Chibonge’ which he featured Abbah Process has given him respect that he never thought he would get in the music industry.

“The biggest thing that I am proud of in the ‘Chibonge’ dance is the respect I got. Many have discovered my ability in singing through this song,” says Marioo.

He says he has been able to do well in his music due to discipline and that is also what enabled him to make a free video from producer Adam Juma of his first song ‘Dar Kugumu’.

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Abby Chams blames Marioo for chopping off her verses in ‘Love Song’ 

After rumors flew round that Marioo had chopped off Abby’s verse in the ‘Love Song track to feature Tanzanian star Alikiba, the king has broke the silence on the ongoing drama between Marioo and Abby Chams where he has advised the two as their brothers.

Kiba gave that advice on the night of August 31, 2023 on the Zanzibar side when he went to perform at the Kizimkazi festival and that’s when he spoke to reporters immediately after performing.

“What I can advise Marioo to do is leave her alone, she is her younger sister and she is a girl, don’t argue with her and just let her go. For Abby, she needs to respect her elders, even if someone is a little older than you, you need to respect her, I didn’t see any reason for her to leave that song alone, I see if they want to just to compete,” said Alikiba.

Abby and Marioo got into a war of words after the two accused each other of dissing each other on a song they recorded together in the studio called Love Song.

It is said that Marioo decided to break up with Abby while they were recording the song and decided to involve Alikiba after the beautiful girl claimed that she was not interested in the song, but after Marioo let go of what she did with Kiba, Abby started complaining through Mange Kimambi.

Mange said, Marioo released Abby after being advised by his girlfriend Paula and that’s when Marioo responded to the beatings by not wanting the incident to be related to his girlfriend.

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