Download | Zuchu – Shika (Audio)

Tanzania’s very own music sensational and WCB Wasafi queen, Zuhura Othman Soud, famously known by her stage name Zuchu, is back with a monster Amapiano hit dubbed Shika. Shika is a solo project with a blend of Amapiano beat and Baibuda tune that creates a vibrant sound making it a must-listen-to-song.

The Tanzanian singer-songwriter, composer, and recording artist has been making waves with Amapiano-type-beat tracks, attracting millions of followers on her social media pages, as well as bigger numbers on various streaming platforms, making a star one of the highest-earning female musician across the continent with over 561+ Millions views on YouTube alone as of October 30, 2023.

Listen to Zuchu – Shika (Audio)

Download | Zuchu – Shika (Audio)

Zuchu’s bag of clothes to wear while performing on stage in Rwanda stolen

The WCB Wasafi manager, who doubles as a Member of Parliament, Babu Tale has revealed that Zuchu suffered a major accident while traveling to Rwanda where she was expected to perform at the launch of the Trace awards.

Babu Tale revealed that artists Diamond and Zuchu along with him were sent a private plane to take them from Tanzania to Rwanda but when they arrived, Zuchu realized her bag was missing.

Tale admitted that it was a very difficult situation for him because he had never managed a female artist and he had to accompany her to the streets to find shops selling clothes.

The process of finding clothes to please her to perform took them more than 2 hours, Babu Tale saying however they did not manage to find nice clothes, they all had to please Zuchu because she had no choice but to perform.

“We were supposed to come in the afternoon but we were brought a private jet that arrived in Tanzania at three in the night and we left around five o’clock and we arrived here at eight o’clock. In those movements, Zuchu’s bag was left, I don’t know where it is, I have never managed a female artist in fact, I have witnessed something new, She is crying in front of me,” said Babu Tale.

In the Trace awards which were held for the first time in Rwanda, Kigali, Diamond and Zuchu were nominated in different categories although only Diamond won as the best artist in East Africa.

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Diamond is not married to Zuchu, I don’t know their relationship – Khadija Kopa opens up

Khadija Omari Kopa, a Taarab music singer and songwriter from Tanzania who is also the mother of the famous Bongo artist Zuchu, has discussed the issue of marital relations between her daughter Zuchu and superstar Diamond Platnumz.

In a live interview with internet bloggers, Khadija Kopa said that she did not know about the relationship because her girl Zuchu had not informed her in any way about her relationship.

“I don’t know the relationship between Zuchu and Diamond because I have not been informed in any way. According to our traditions, when a girl gets a husband, parents from both parties must be informed so that the matter of paying the dowry can be done at the right time, and I have not seen it from  Diamond and my daughter Zuchu”, said Kadhija Kopa.

Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz rumors have been flying round on social media, with some netizens saying that the two are an item.

In the interview, the queen of Taarab asked the bloggers to get the details regarding the matter directly from her daughter Zuchu as she has not received any report from her regarding the matter.

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Zuchu: I crave for marriage, but I pray that it comes from God 

On an interview with a local media outlet, Zuchu has cleared the air regarding rumors she finds on the internet about her relationship with her boss Diamond Platnumz.

“Almighty God is the founder of Marriage, and I also know that marriage is like death happens to a human being in no notice, so our followers on social networks should be patient, Almighty God knows the married life of every one”, she said.

Zuchu admitted that she is fine with her relationship with her boyfriend Diamond Platnumz, mentioning that she was also surprised by the rumors breaking the internet about her hatred for Dangote’s mother, mentioning that she and her mother-in-law are good and they talk to each other all the time.

The star said that many artists go through a lot of harsh words on social media, but for her it has become normal, saying that often their followers on social media pages throw words at them that have no basis,

“If you do something good, it’s not a big deal to many netizens, but when something bad happens, that’s when they get a chance to talk about your badness. This thing should stop because it contributes to the hatred among artists,” said Zuchu.

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Zuchu opens up about his relationship with Diamond’s mother following allegations of conflict

Zuchu has cleared the air that there is no conflict between her and her mother-in-law Sanura Kassim famously know as Mama Dangote.

Speaking on an interview with Wasafi Media, the star born in Zanzibar revealed that her relationship with Diamond Platnumz’s mother is still good despite the rumors that the two were not seeing each other eye to eye.

She revealed that she has been in close contact with Mama Dangote, hinting that she has not seen any change in their relationship.

“We are good. I talked to her about the plans to celebrate Simba’s birthday. As a family, you have to involve the mother. What we discussed,  means we are fine. Those are just rumors on the internet, but we are fine. There is no problem that I know of,” Zuchu said.

Khadija Kopa’s daughter pointed out that the acts of Mama Dangote and Tanasha Donna to give gifts, and Diamond’s mother allegedly unfollowing her on Instagram did not mean any problem between them.

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“All of us as Wasafi, are a family. She is our mother and there is nothing wrong. We are good,” she said.

Talking about her relationship with the WCB boss, Zuchu admitted that she is not sure if it will lead to marriage as it may be a temporary union.

Rumors of conflicts between Mama Dangote and Zuchu surfaced at the end of last month after Diamond’s mother allegedly unfollowed Khadija Kopa’s daughter on Instagram. Mama Dangote was also claimed to agree with the opinion of a fan who suggested Diamond reconcile with Tanasha and dump Zuchu.

While responding to the allegations, Mama Dangote made it clear that she has not followed or unfollowed anyone on Instagram in recent days.

“I myself will argue and someone will know. The ones I followed were fifty, I don’t have fifty one. Don’t let childish stuffs from the past bother me. I know myself as an adult. I unfollow her, what has she done to me?”

Diamond’s mother pleaded with netizens to avoid getting her into a fight with Zuchu while mentioning the queen of Zanzibar as her daughter.

“Don’t argue with my daughter Zuchu. I have no quarrel with anyone. Don’t involve me in those things,” she said.

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