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Ali Saleh Kiba, popularly known as Alikiba, is a Tanzanian singer, songwriter, composer and recording artist from King’s Music Record. King Kiba is here with a world class anthem for Simba Sports Club dubbed Mnyama. The song is lyrically hit, with a whole lotta vibe from Kimambo’s beat.

Listen to Alikiba – Mnyama (SIMBA SC ANTHEM) Audio

Download | Alikiba – Mnyama (SIMBA SC ANTHEM) Audio

Zuchu criticizes King Kiba’s live performance on Simba Day

Through the RECAP & MANDO program, El Mando has gone deep analyzing Alikiba’s live performance on Simba Day and aired out his perspective as an entertainment stakeholder in the country.

El Mando explained that Alikiba’s show was neither good nor bad, but it was very normal comared to what was expected of him as one of the biggest names in Tanzania’s music industry.

Apart from the artist entering the stage with chopper or climbing on the rope, there is no other creativity that is done by our artists to make a difference not only to Alikiba but to all the artists who even performed on Mwananchi Day (Yanga Day)

Alikiba seemed to do well because of the following factors.

1. Because Alikiba is a big artist so his name carried the show instead of his creativity.

2. Many people wanted to see Alikiba perform on  Simba Day because long before that he used to be a diehard fan of Yanga SC, so it was quite a suprise for Simba SC fans.

3. Mnyama Song. The songs is good that it ran the whole stadium with a real energy and a super vibe. Apart from that, there was nothing more special rather than singing old songs as usual in all his shows.

Zuchu’s act of criticizing Alikiba’s show, she wanted to convince her fans that she’s done show, his entrance on the stage was very normal, compared to the dramatic entrances by other artists who have had an opportunity to perform on the team’s D-Day. Some entered the arena while climbing on the rope, some witth  a chopper. But Alikiba entering the arena by just walking on foot is something that had been done by other artists in the past.

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Alikiba to perform at the opening ceremony of the African Football League
A new generation artist who has managed to built his fortress of loyal fans for a long time in Tanzania, Alikiba, has confirmed that he will be one of the artists who will perform at the opening ceremony of the African Football League competition.

On the first day of the competition, as usual there will be an opening ceremony that Alikiba through his page X, formerly known as Twitter has confirmed to perform for his fans.

“Ceremony for the opening of the African football league… Let’s meet on Friday at the Benjamin Mkapa stadium,” Alikiba wrote early on Thursday while uploading photos of the last time he performed at the stadium in August during Simba Day – the day of the Simba SC club to celebrate the opening of the new season and their fans.

The league of soccer clubs in Africa, the African Football League will be anchored in Tanzania from Friday, October 20. The league will be launched at Benjamin Mkapa International Stadium in Dar es Salaam for the first time and will include 8 clubs including Simba SC of Tanzania, Mamelodi Sundowns of South Africa, Rocks of the Democratic Republic of Congo, TP Mazembe, Petro Atletico de Luanda of Angola, Esperance of Tunisia, Al Ahly of Egypt, Enyimba of Nigeria and Wydad of Morocco.

The first match will be in the stadium between the locals Simba SC and the Egyptian soccer giants Al Ahly, where it has been reported that the Egyptians have already landed in Tanzania, although they are quietly armed with everything including their food.

The unique competition was launched last year with a $4 million prize pool for the winners.

Reports in Tanzania have emphasized that Wenger will touch base in the country on Thursday, just in time for the event. It has also been reported that FIFA President Gianni Infantino will grace the event in Tanzania.

The competition was launched last year, with a prize of 4 million dollars for the winners.

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Alikiba reacts to a question thrown by a fan

Today’s Alikiba is a person who is very enthusiastic and responds to fans’ questions thrown at him, unlike in the past when the artist was very conservative in terms of uploading or tweeting.

The artist in particular has so far been capturing the attention in the X network, formerly  Twitter, where he was promoting the producer of his new song, Abbah, praising him for doing some real magic in his newly awaited song dubbed Huku  which featured his artist Tommy Flavuor.

That’s when one fan jumped up and wanted to know how his wife Amina was doing, but Alikiba answered by sending him a link to listen to his song Sumu, which featured Marioo – a song with the content of giving a warning to people to stay away from people’s wives and husbands.

“Oyaa king, I have a simple question, why do you despise people so much? A small additional question, Amina, is she okay?” the fan asked him.

“The first question, my man, where have I ever despised anyone? in relation to the second issue, listen to the song called Sumu,” Alikiba responded to a fan’s question.

With that answer, Alikiba was signaling to turn off the fan who is monitoring his wife’s affairs advising him that monitoring someone’s wife is not good, it is poisonous.

Alikiba and Amina have been arguing in recent months regarding the whole issue of wanting a divorce.

Amina once went directly to her social networks and complained strongly that Alikiba has been harassing her by denying her a divorce despite herself making it clear that her romantic feelings for Alikiba are now gone.

Amina in a long message asked Alikiba to agree to write her divorce to free her rather than marrying her when she is no longer in love with him.

Alikiba has never discussed the issue directly when asked by online journalists.

Sometime when he was in Nairobi, he was asked and he said that he can’t be fooled by something that he knows its answer – pointing out that the issue of leaving his wife for divorce is a small one and he knows how to solve it before reaching the very last stage of divorce.

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