Download | Alikiba – SUMU (Audio) ft. Marioo

Ali Saleh Kiba, better known by his stage name Alikiba, is a Tanzanian footballer, singer, songwriter, composer, recording artist and the top notch vocalist from King’s Music Records, an entertainment company and a record label founded by Kiba himself.

The ‘Utu’ hitmaker is here with a monster hit single dubbed SUMU, featuring Tanzania’s finest and the Bad Nation boss Marioo. Sumu is a swahili word meaning poison, it’s a vibe song with a message, talking about how awful and sinful to have relationships with people who are married but also a message to people who don’t fulfill there duties in paying debts hence advice to stay away from married people !! It’s an Amapiano song that has a pure Bongo fleva touch.

Listen to Alikiba – SUMU (Audio) ft. Marioo

Download | Alikiba – SUMU (Audio) ft. Marioo

Alikiba opens up about how the content of the song came about 

For the first time, just one day after Alikiba released his first song Amapiano, the song containing the content to warn people from messing with someone’s wife or husband, the artist has decided to open up about how he found the content of the song and what its purpose was.

Alikiba released the song with the name ‘Sumu’ featuring Marioo and the whole purpose is to warn people against someone’s wife, the content of which to some extent netizens believes its fallen in line with the time the star is going through right now under pressure from his wife regarding divorce.

“Somebody’s wife is poisonous, stay away from someone’s matter, there is jail,” part of the lines in the song he sang.

Alikiba, talking about how the content of the song came about and its purpose, said that he did not mean to blame anyone but it was just an issue that came up.

“Content came from the wife and the man. Marioo and I consulted each other and said let’s do it. But the name Sumu came later that a man’s wife is poisonous, it is like that and that is why it has been easy to make music of that style,” Alikiba said.

Some felt that he was sending a message of caution to anyone who might think of him leaving his wife in relation to the fact that he has not yet divorced her despite his wife Amina Khalef pushing for a divorce so that she can be free.

Initially, Alikiba pointed out that there is no major problem in his marriage that may reach the stage of divorce saying that the issue of arguing in marriage is common in every union between husband and wife.

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Alikiba said that in any marriage, every wife has 5 days in a month to make sure that she has abused her husband and started a quarrel, that is what they are and he does not think that its a big problem that can cause the marriage to break.

Diamond Platnumz throw shades to Alikiba saying that no musician had ever flourished under his label.

On Monday night, Diamond took it on his Instagram story, insulting and humiliating his musical rival Alikiba in public saying that no musician had ever flourished under his record label.

“Then the Queen is talking about the spirit of hustling…really?…hey, between you and me, who doesn’t have the spirit to help people? While you failed to groom your one and only blood brother, make him flourish musically when he has great talent!” Diamond Platnumz wrote on his Instagram page referring to Alikiba.

Alikiba was quick to respond to the owner of the Wasafi label, comparing him to ‘Kwevo’ an inferior version of the Migos musician, Quavo.

The dispute between the two Tanzanian musicians Alikiba and Diamond Platinumz a.k.a Simba has continued to grow as they throw jabs at each other on social media.

The musician who released his recent song ‘Sumu’ went on to advise the WCB boss that the money he spends fighting with his fellow musicians could be put to better use if he went to a music school.

“And then you got a chance to use it well, my brother, the money you invest to bring figures to your friends’ parties, you should even go to vocal training and create a good production team, so that you stop being jealous and do well.”

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Alikiba ended his speech to Diamond by encouraging him to listen to his new song, while praising him for the song he shared with Marioo.

The long standing feud with Diamond Platnumz

The mysterious reason of the enmity believed to exist between two of Bongo Fleva giants, Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba, has long been unkown to many, until the singer AT decided to break the silence.

AT has claimed that the two who were close several years ago, found themselves wanting to throw punches at each other in Oman, in the hotel room where they had all arrived for a concert, and that he was the one who stopped the fight.

Speaking through the Shilawadu program of Clouds TV, AT said that the two were playing a game in his room but before they got far they had an argument, whereupon Ali Kiba woke up and gave Diamond a warning, angrily explaining the history of their quarrel.

“Ali Kiba wanted to throw punches there, I was the one playing diplomat. Alikiba stopped and told Diamond, I have been watching you, you have done this, this, this and that,” said AT while making it a condition that he will explain in details soon if the two do not open up.

“That is, until today we would have had one artist or it would be a gap if it the fight had sparked that day,” he added.

However, he claims that he managed to resolve the dispute for the day but found out that the dispute had a lot going on behind the scenes.

He claimed that even the organizers of the show had a lot of questions about the honors because they did not want to board the same plane or share several places for a certain period.

It should be noted that AT has taken us back more than the events that were mentioned, especially when Ommy Dimpoz once explained that Diamond chopped off Ali Kiba’s verses from his song ‘Lala Salama’, and Ali Kiba chopped off Diamond’s verses from ‘Single Boy’.

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