Download | Diamond Platnumz – Shu! (Audio) ft. Chley

Naseed Abdul Juma, popularly known by his stage name Diamond Platnumz, is the most decorated Tanzanian singer, songwriter, performer, recording artist and a businessman who was considered the most viewed artist on YouTube in sub-saharan African countries right before Nigeria’s mega star Burna Boy took him over this year. Diamond is, undoubtfully, a game changer in Tanzania’s music industry. Apart from doing music, Diamond Platnumz owns a major urban radio station called Wasafi FM, television station called Wasafi TV and the prestigious WCB Wasafi Record Label.

A boy from Tandale is here with a mega hit dubbed Shu! featuring South Africa’s very own Chley. Shu! is an Amapiano song that will ignite your mind.

Listen to Diamond Platnumz – Shu! (Audio) ft. Chley

Download | Diamond Platnumz – Shu! (Audio) ft. Chley

Diamond Platnumz brings his children together leaving behind his son with Hamisa

Bongo star, Naseeb Abdul Juma continues to enjoy time with his three children, Tiffah Dangote, Prince Nillan and Naseeb Juniorr this weekend.

The singer’s two eldest children, Tiffah and Nillan, who he had with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan are believed to be back with him in Tanzania from South Africa where they live with their mother on Thursday.

Naseeb Jr, who is the son of the star and Kenyan beauty, Tanasha Donna, has been seen in Tanzania many times in the past few weeks and even celebrated his fourth birthday in the neighboring country earlier this month.

On Friday, Diamond Platnumz shared a cute video of his three children playing together. He also uploaded more videos of himself, his three children and his mother Sanura Kassim aka Mama Dangote heading to the airport in her luxury car.

A convoy of other luxury cars accompanied them as they boarded his private plane to take them to Kigali, Rwanda for the Trace Awards and Festival.

The plane, as seen in the video, had been specially decorated for the pop singer with pillows and seats with his name written on them and pictures of him.

All three children; Tiffah, Nillan and Naseeb Jr seemed surprised and impressed by the beauty of their father’s plane.

“Oh my God, do you see what I see, do you see what I see right now? It’s Diamond Platnumz!!” Prince Nillan explained in shock as soon as he entered the plane.

Nillan and Tiffah were heard asking their father if they could use his private jet anytime, any day they wanted.

“Yes, as you wish,” Diamond replied.

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The union of Diamond and his three children seemed to be a good time and they all seemed to enjoy it very much. He is alleged to be his son with Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto, however, he was not seen with them. However, it is not the first time that the musician is seen separating from the 6-year-old boy. In the past, he has denied him openly.

Diamond should test the DNA of his son and Hamisa in public and the answers should be given clearly.

Internet activist from Tanzania Mange Kimambi has revealed what she called was a deep conversation with entrepreneur Hamisa Mobetto about the whole issue of his son Dylan and being separated from his father Diamond Platnumz.

Kimambi claims that she urged Hamisa to accept DNA tests to check if Diamond is really the biological father of her son once again, but this time the answers should be public.

Kimambi claims that at first, Hamisa refused the matter, she seemed to accept the fate that Diamond has decided to separate her son openly and thus has left it to God.

“Hamisa says that she has entrusted her son to God, God is the one who will raise her son and she says that there is a reason why God raised her in life so that she can raise her son without arguing with the father,” Mange Kimambi said.

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However, after persuading her for a while, Kimambi said that Hamisa finally agreed to have her son undergo DNA testing once again on one condition – the entire process should be done in a public laboratory and the results would be made public.

“I said to Hamisa, no, this matter has now become national, so you have left it to God, but for the sake of your fans, you have an obligation to accept this DNA to be repeated. Hamisa answered me and said ok, she will do the DNA in any country you want, but this time she wants a part (Lab) that will make the DNA public and the results of the DNA should be posted publicly, let it be released to the whole nation. She no longer wants to make private DNA overseen by lawyers, she wants DNA to be public so that there will be no more debate after that,” Kimambi pointed out.

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In the last two weeks, Diamond was severely criticized on the internet after he gathered his sons from Zari and Tanasha and went with them to Rwanda but separated his son from Hamisa.

The ongoing heat about Diamond’s seeming to separate and openly slander his son and Hamisa Mobetto may not cool down any time soon as it has now reached the national level.

After various people on the internet asked Diamond Platnumz to be responsible for accepting public DNA tests to determine if the child he is separating is really his or the other way around, now the minister of community development, gender and women and special groups, the honorable Dorothy Gwajima has become the latest government leader to put the saga in the balance.

Minister Gwajima in one of his conversations with a fan on the internet, the fan asked her to break the silence about the saga which seems to be largely based on one of the responsibilities that should not be neglected by his ministry.

The fan wrote to her that; “You, the minister, are the one responsible for protecting children in this country, don’t you see what is happening about Dylan being harassed on the internet? Why are you unable to resolve this dispute? Call Diamond in his time and Hamisa in her time and talk to them. If DNA should be done so that the child stops being harassed on the internet, why don’t you see that the child is being psychologically abused?,” the fan dragged the minister.

The minister answered the fan about the saga and told him;

“Do you know that we have moved community services closer to the community as all other services have been moved? So these parents, if they have any dispute, the right place is not online but at social welfare services, local councils or regions or any police station near them. The gender desk, but we also have the 116 number for all emergencies regarding children and community issues,” the minister replied.

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