Download | Fid Q – Mbinguni (Audio) ft. Chino Kidd

The heavyweight Tanzanian rapper Fid Q is making waves with a brand new joint dubbed Mbinguni, featuring the Tanzanian rising star Chino Kidd. Mbinguni is a blend of both rap and Amapiano sounds, making the song irresistible in the streets.

Listen to Fid Q – Mbinguni (Audio) ft. Chino Kidd

Download | Fid Q – Mbinguni (Audio) ft. Chino Kidd

Why Fid Q is a ‘Hip Hop Genius’ in Tanzania?

If someone has never said that, Fid Q is the most notori0us rapper and song-writer of Hip Hop since the beginning of this genre in this country, in the 1990s, then I dare you say so.

From the self-proclaimed title of ‘The Top of Rap’s elite’, I also want to add another name on him, ‘Professor Kubanda’.

When I use the name Professor, I remember my university teacher. He was very fond of saying ‘How will you call yourself a Doctor or a Professor when you have never written a book?’ But to Fid Q it is another story. He is already in the process of releasing his book, The Swahili Kid.

It is probably a book that many of his fans will really need. If they need it, it will analyze the difficult poems of his songs on his three albums, Vina Mwanzo, Kati na Mwisho, Propaganda and Kataaologi, which is about to be completed.

From Huyu na Yule, Fid, Mwanza Mwanza, Chagua Moja, August 13, I’m Professional, Propaganda, Ijue Mitaa, Sihitaji Marafiki and Siri ya Mchezo, there are many, many things until today we have failed to decipher the meaning behind that he intended to present to the audience. The Swahili Kid, will provide answers and good explanations.

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Sometimes the thoughts and what he writes Fid Q, can make a person taking Phd feel like a student in front of him. It is probably because, this Mwanza rapper really likes to read books. Due to the fact that, many Tanzanians do not have the culture of reading books to increase their knowledge, it is difficult to compare his ideas with those of any other rapper in Tanzania, no matter how much he has read.

“Books don’t change people; paragraphs do, sometimes even sentences,” – John Piper, A Godward Life: Savoring the Supremacy of God in All of Life. Hundreds and thousands of sentences that Fid Q goes through in the books he reads every day, have made him a self-made scholar.

After releasing, I Need Friends, Fid stayed silent for a while without releasing a song but continued with other movements under his company Cheusi Dawa. Among those movements, is Poetry Addiction which takes place every month.

Last Friday, Fid Q broke his silence, by releasing a new song, Secret of Game featuring Juma Nature. Juma Nature’s son of many days.

The Secret of the Game, for me, is a song with the best hip hop lyrics since the year 2013 began. Lyrics like these are what make Fid in a completely different Hip Hop league where he plays by himself, he has no rival. These poems make Fid Q not only the best rapper in Tanzania, but the whole of Africa. Fid is a ‘hip hop genius’.

“God damn it! You’re a blessed talent! You’re fu** n’ awesome man, very lyrically stable. You were born to do this thing. I’m grateful to see you and Sir Nature still got this shit,” read comments on his website, Cheusidawa.

Siri ya Mchezo is those songs that can take you five months or even a year, trying to figure out what he meant.

Luckily, I know Fid Q even before he came to Dar es Salaam. Being from Mwanza, in addition to loving Hip Hop, Fid was very fond of presenting on radio, especially at a radio station broadcasting in English.

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As I explained in the above introduction, the education of Fid Q is not that of looking for it in the classroom, but of learning it yourself. The street life that he calls Kitaaolojia is what turned him into a rapper with so much intelligence that people are amazed at his ability to think.

Sometimes, if you want to contemplate the poems of Fid Q, you have to take tea and bread on the side, because its difficulty will make you hungry. Some lines are so difficult that he understands them himself. Like when he talks about the incident that shook the headlines in the country of Lord Eyez allegedly being involved in the theft of Ommy Dimpoz’s car accessories.
Until today, it is not clear but if this is a diss or just a joke.

Fid Q call up on parents to allow girls to sing Hip Hop
A famous rapper from Tanzania, Farid Kubanda (Fid Q) has said there is a need for Government to provide education to parents so that girls are allowed to do Hip hop music.
Fid Q has said that he has discovered the great potential that female artists have in the music that society still considers as vulgar music.
“Tanzania has a very small number of Hip Hop artists starting from women and men, and what I noticed girls singing Hip Hop tend to do
very well, the problem is the prohibitions from their parents. That’s why I advised the Government to provide education to parents so that girls can have children they should be allowed,” said Fid Q.
He added that if this happens, he believes it will increase the number of artists of Hip Hop and that music will be like the music of Bongo Fleva and Civilization.
Giving examples of female artists who do Hip Hop music like Rose Ree and Chemical, he said are some artists who have many fans due to the fact that their song lyrics touch and reflect the community.

Fid Q grabs a trophy at KTMA in 2014

The Tanzanian Music Awards, known as the Kilimanjaro Music Awards (KTMA2014), held in 2014 at the Milimani City Hall, Dar es Salaam where Diamond Platinumz shone brighter and made history by leaving with seven awards, in all seven categories .

In the hip hop category, rapper from Mwanza Fid Q managed to grab a trophy for the first time for the best Hip Hop Artist and the best composer of the year – hip hop.

Rapper Young Killer also managed to win the award for the first time where he won the award for the best emerging artist.


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