Download | Jux – Enjoy (Audio) Ft Diamond Platnumz

Enjoy is a mega hit by Tanzanian singer-songwriter and recording artist Juma Mkambala popularly known by his stage name JUX, featuring the East Africa’s musical giant and the most decorated artist Naseeb Abdul Juma, popularly known as Diamond Platnumz.

Enjoy is a blend of Amapiano sound, a genre originally from South Africa and Bongo Flava, a Tanzanian popular musical genre.

Listen to Jux – Enjoy (Audio) Ft Diamond Platnumz

Download | Jux – Enjoy (Audio) Ft Diamond Platnumz

Diamond and Jux break the silence after the ‘Enjoy’ video was deleted from YouTube

Tanzanian singer Juma Jux has finally broken the silence after the video of his song Enjoy disappeared on YouTube for many hours.

On Wednesday, Jux fans were shocked to discover that their favorite song ‘Enjoy’ featuring Diamond Platnumz had been removed from YouTube due to a copyright strike.

However, in a quick comeback on Thursday night, Juma informed his fans that the song is back on YouTube after solving the issues that caused it to be removed.

“The music video of #Enjoy ft @diamondplatnumz is already back on YouTube, we apologize for any inconvenience caused 🙏🏾 we are back now and continue to enjoy the good music 🫡 link in my bio 👆🏾,” Juma Jux said.

Diamond quickly joined the conversation and said that they had to use discretion after the Congolese artist tested their patience.

“A young man is wasting alot of energy to do something… InshaAllah, God will continue to give us wisdom🤞🏽,”

Enjoy’s audio and video were temporarily removed from YouTube after the fast-growing Congolese artist filed a copyright complaint.

A quick research revealed that the song has been removed from the streaming platform following a copyright complaint filed by ‘Sapologuano Odenumz’.

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by ‘Sapologuano Odeniumz’,” a message from YouTube.

On August 17, the Congolese artist promised to ask YouTube to delete the video if Juma Jux did not contact him to fix things.

A few weeks ago we reported about an artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sapologuano Odeniumz who has been fighting with Diamond and Jux about the copyright of the song Enjoy.

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The artist, after shooting the audio, is now back again and this time he has reported the Enjoy video which has also been deleted from YouTube.

When the audio of the song was deleted by YouTube after Odeniumz reported that it was his original song that was stolen and edited for improvement by Diamond and Jux to produce their song Enjoy, the artist said that all he wanted was a conversation just to get paid.

But Jux and Diamond Platnumz management hesitated to talk with him and later they were also reported to drop his song too and moments before they came and managed to return the song back.

But despite successfully uploading the audio to YouTube, Jux’s management said that the song has not given them any income as it can no longer make money.

And before they could recover from the wound, Sapologuano Odeniumz again returned with the same whip in their video and reported it as well.

The video, until it was taken down, had received more than five million views, but the Congolese artist has insisted that this trip, which he mentions, is not for money, but to be given his copyrights.

“All I want is the copyright, because they show me contempt, they talk about things for a while and later they come to change them in some media interviews,” he said while insisting that he is not looking for money.

The artist said that he will not come to sit and see people earning money over his talent and he will continue to strike Diamond and Jux until they agree to sit down and settle the matter.

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“Regarding them continuing to incur losses, they themselves wanted it because we would have finished it like this, all this is not there because we were writing to them but they did not respond to us until we decided to take the decision to report YouTube,” he said.

After Diamond and Jux said that they are now evaluating legal methods against Sapologuano, the artist also said that he is not afraid of anything because he is also ready and well legally.

“Even we ourselves are fine, if they come legally and we will beat them legally as well, because they should not think that I am alone, I am with management and lawyers,” he said threateningly.

Juma Jux admits to being deeply hurt when Vanessa Mdee was conceived by Rotimi

The famous Bongo R’n’B singer Juma Jux has admitted that he was very sad when he found out that his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Mdee was expecting her first child with her current partner, Olurotimi Akinosho aka Rotimi in September 2021.

Jux was singing his song ‘Sina Neno’ which he released more than two years ago, after Vanessa gave birth to her first child when he opened up about how it made him feel.

After singing several verses of the song, the fans who came out to watch him perform asked if Vanessa having a child with another man hurt him and he shamelessly admitted that he was hurt a lot.

“I was hurt, I was really hurt.  At that time I was hurt deeply” Jux said.

Vanessa Mdee, who dated Jux for about six years before breaking up with him in 2019, had her first child with Nigerian-American actor and singer Rotimi in September 2021 after the two had been dating for about a year.

Shortly after Vanessa Mdee announced that she was pregnant more than two years ago, Jux released a song to congratulate her.

In the song ‘Sina Neno’, Jux assured Mdee that he has no quarrel with her because he has buried the past, saying he is very happy to see that Mdee is enjoying her current marriage with actor Rotimi and congratulated her that she was about to be called a mother.

“I see they are glowing, the skin is smooth, you are happy now,

The bed has no secret, the product of the act has a stomach wow,

You are very cute and love is on fire.” Jux said on the song.

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The artist said that he does not have any hatred towards Mdee and claimed that he is praying for a happy life with her lover. He advised the two to tolerate each other and never fight so that their child would never get into trouble.


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