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Mbwana Yusuf Kilungi, popularly known by his stage name Mbosso, is a Tanzanian singer, songwriter, composer and recording artist signed under the biggest East Africa’s very own WCB Wasafi Record Label. The ‘Baikoko’ hitmaker is here with a brand new joint dubbed Sele featuring South Africa’s Amapiano finest Chley.

Listen to Mbosso – Sele (Audio) ft. Chley

Download | Mbosso – Sele (Audio) ft. Chley

Who Really is Mbosso?

A brief biography of Mbosso Khan: Mbwana Yusuph Kilungi (known by his stage name as Mbosso, born on 3 October 1991) is a singer, composer and musician from Tanzania.

Fame began to be known with the whole group of Yamoto Band which included Aslay, Beka Flavour, Enock Bella and Mbosso. Together they were forming the Yamoto Band under Mkubwa Fella na Wanawe.

The name of Mkubwa and His Sons was and until now still exists as Mkubwa and His Sons. There are various talents within the elder and his sons.

After Yamoto Band was dismantled, Mbosso decided to return to his village home in Kibiti.

Where he got involved in various criminal acts especially out of desperation and seeing his partners succeeding while he only stayed at home.

This was a little different to Aslay and Beka Flavor.

They continued doing music until Diamond Platnumz spotted a talent that was going to vanish in vain, and it was the right time to bring Mbosso back into the music industry as he promised him in 2014 that he would help him and take him to the top of Bongo Flava music.

A brief biography of Mbosso Khan
Mbosso’s first song was released on 28 January 2018 and was titled Watakubili.

29 January he was introduced in front of the audience that he is a complete artist who signed a contract with WCB.

So far Mbosso has released songs such as: Watakubali, Nadekezwa just to mention a few.

Another song he released with the Wasafi group was called Zilipduba and another song he released with Diamond Platnumz and Lava Lava called Jibebe.

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Diamond Platnumz enriches Mbosso?
For the great things that the youngest member of the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) label, Yusuph Mbwana Kilungi ‘Mbosso’, has done, it is obvious to say that his boss, Naseeb Abdul ‘Diamond Platnumz’ is the one who gave him the opportunity to become rich.

Mbosso, whose music history started with Yamoto Band under Mkubwa Fela (Said), has managed to own various properties where in general it is quite enough to call him a boss.

Properties he owns

Mbosso has a modern house, an apartment which he lives in, in Dar es Salaam, but if that is not the case, he owns a Toyota Prado car which is one of his dream cars.

His parents

On the part of his parents, Mbosso has bought them a Toyota Alphard car which he has given them for family trips.

They use the car for trips from Kibiti in Pwani region (their village) to Dar city to get their needs but also, Mbosso has built a house for his parents in Kibiti.

It is known that the guy is currently doing well despite not having a long time in WCB under Diamond Platnumz.

“He is doing well, the account number are rolling up, but also building a house for his parents, buying a car for them and if you add it to the life he lives here in a prestigious city, he should really thank God,” said the close person who asked to remain anonymous.

The person said, Mbosso has every reason to thank God because after the Yamoto Band broke up, he experienced a severe crisis that caused him to engage in criminal activities.

“You took pictures until the family reached the point of strangling him with a screwdriver, where do you think he would be if Diamond didn’t take him now?” said the man.

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Speaking to a local newspaper about his success, Mbosso said that, he is a person who lives in the faith of his religion, believing that if Allah plans for him to get then he will get, everything he wanted in his life, he prayed to God.

“I was a very devout person, I prayed a lot, even if you ask my friends who were with Yamoto Band, they will tell you that, I remember even during the Ramadan fast I used to go to meet people to do worship.

“I believe I have been given the talent to earn a living, why should I compete to be close to my Lord, I once said to one of my friends, I wish one day we can find a house where we can each have their own room because we were only staying in one room, God really provided it and we moved to Tegeta (Dar ) I got a car too.

“I told him I also want to finish my parents’ house, I want them to get a family car, when I finish all that I want to drive a Prado, I remember there was a period of Ramadan, it was at night I went to pray with my brother Jay Mo, I prayed and asked Allah to fulfill some of my dreams, give me wisdom and wisdom to my leaders, let me remember where I came from, let me not forget the people who helped me, let me not be a farmer of success, give me the strength to help my parents, that is, I always ask God for many things.

“Last year I didn’t succeed in fulfilling my dreams, but this year I thank God for giving me the house, even though there are things we haven’t finished, I have given them a car that I believe will help them, because we are a big family, we have many children and a few grandchildren, even if they get any trip, they are enough for car,” said Mbosso, the Sele hitmaker.

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Mbosso concluded by exhorting the youth to believe in what they want to do, to accept suffering, to be respectful, to pray a lot to Allah with the faith of their religion, to pray for their parents and to be humble.

Mbosso did well in the past years with several songs with Yamoto Band such as Mama, Cheza kwa Madoido and Niseme before the group disbanded.

After the group disbanded, Mbosso joined criminal groups after seeing his colleagues such as Aslay and Beka Flavor and Enock Bella doing well in the game while he failed to escape.

Later, Diamond Platnumz decided to help him and signed him to WCB which gave him great success in his life.

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