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Zuhura Othman Soud, popularly known by her stage name Zuchu, is a Tanzanian singer, songwriter, composer, vocalist and recording artiste signed under the prestigious WCB Wasafi, a number one record label in East Africa founded by the most decorated Tanzanian mega super star Diamond Platnumz.

The ‘Sukari’ hitmaker is here with a brand new monster hit dubbed Honey. In this lovely tune, Zuchu continues to showcase her versatile talent of blending Bongo Flava sound with Amapiano, a popular music genre originated from South Africa.

Listen to Zuchu – Honey (Audio)

Download | Zuchu – Honey (Audio)

Untold bitter truth about Zuchu

Her real name is Zuhura Othman Soud. She was born on 1993, in the archipelago of Zanzibar, at Mnazi Mmoja hospital located at a place known as Kwahani. Zuchu attended school in Zanzibar from kindergarten until she graduated high school.

After graduating her high school studies, Zuchu traveled to India for further studies. That’s where she joined university taking economics and business. While at university, she studied commerce, economy and computer science. She was awarded an advanced diploma after graduating her studies.

She came back home to Zanzibar. When she was young, Zuchu wanted to be a lawyer, a career that her mother always cursed on the grounds that there are times lawyers defend even criminals regardless of the crimes they have done.

Zuchu’s love in music did not start in an overnight. Back to school, her parents did not want her to join choir or music groups in fear that she would be distracted from studying. According to her parents, her love in music became obvious even before she joined kindergarten.

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In her childhood, she could not spend time with her mother Khadija Kopa because as you know, her mother is a musician who dedicated most of her time at work in the city.

Zuchu comes from a family of musicians, including her father, her brother Omar Kopa as well as her mother Khadija Kopa.

Being the daughter to Khadija Kopa made Zuchu’s life a living ]hell at school as she was bullied by her fellow students. This is because her mother was a taarab musician at the time when taarab was considered a music genre made for low life (Swahili people).

Just as Zuchu’s mother was so-not-at-home, Zuchu’s brother Omar Kopa became responsible to guard her. These two were very close and loved each other very much.

The day Omar Kopa passed away, Zuchu had to not be informed until when he was buried then Zuchu was informed. She took her brother’s death pretty hard. Until today, Zuchu cannot sing her brother’s songs.

In an interview on Wasafiti TV, Zuchu said that even if she gets along with someone listening to her brother’s songs, she tells them to turn it off because it reminds her of the moments she had with her brother before hepassed away.

Her brother’s death happened when she was in standard five, but until today she does not know where he was buried. Her father divorced her mother when she was still young, so she did not enjoy the life of being raised by both parents.

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Zuchu’s father was a policeman, so she felt lucky when her father had some time for her. In her childhood Zuchu used to send gifts to her father at the police camp.

“I remember there was a time when I missed my father so much that I wrote him a letter asking for money to celebrate eid…. when my father got the letter, he traveled back home and gave me and gave me Twenty thousand Tanzanian shillings as a gift.”

When Zuchu was studying in India, she did not communicate much with her father. She had her father’s phone number, but still, she didn’t call him because she wanted to know if her father would look out for her.

According to Zuchu, her father never called her, so she decided to send him Arafa and greet him while introducing herself as her daugher.. Surprisingly, her father answered her “Okay”. The ‘Okay’ drove the queen very mad that she decided she could talk to her father no more.

In the year 2020, during Magufuli campaign for presidential seat, she received news from her mother that her father was sick. She and her mother had to travel to her father. When her father saw her, he was shocked and burst into tears while hugging her emotionally. Zuchu didn’t even want to ask her father why he has ignored her, she just had to accept all she’s been through.

Were Zuchu and Nandy Ignored in Nigeria?
On 2021, Zuchu and Nandy attended the AFRIMMA music awards ceremony held in Nigeria November 22. The Tanzanian stars say they went through a lot that were they considered ‘unacceptable’, including being ignored in the Africa’s leading country in entertainment.

Zuchu and Nandy were nominated in the awards, but Zuchu also was scheduled to perform in the event. In one of the meetings held by Nandy recently, she said that even if they did not win the award, they deserved to be treated well.

“It was not the right time to complain when we were returning home, because you would say we are complaining because we have missed the award, it’s not like we don’t deserve an award, Zuchu deserves an award, I deserve an award, everyone deserves it too. We do not object to the award they gave the Kenyan lady.”

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“But there is that treatment, one can see that at least I have not received an award, I have not wasted time, there is this treatment that I have received, these people are good that next time I will think of going again, but the treatment was not good, everyone is complaining
on their own” said Nandy.

Despite all that, Nandy says that when Zuchu arrived, she didn’t even have a place to sleep, so she had to find a place to sleep.

“As soon as  Zuchu arrived, there was no place to sleep, they went to sleep in another place, i.e. with other things I can’t talk about. Zuchu was in rehearsal, Nigerian artist with big name came, she was told the time was up, but her management resisted and told them that this one will finish and that one should enter. How do you feel when you get out of there? i.e. me
I don’t deserve to do my training and it turned out good?” added Nandy.

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