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Tanzanian singer-songwriter and recording artist Harmonize is making waves with a monster Amapiano hit dubbed Single Again. According to the singer, ‘Single Again’ was inspired by the ups and downs he’s been through during his romantic relationship with Tanzanian socialite Frida Kajala.

Listen to Harmonize – Single Again (Audio)

Download | Harmonize – Single Again (Audio)

Harmonize and Kajala have been dating on-and-off since 2020 after the Tanzanian star broke up with his Italian wife Sarah Mitchelotti.  Their fist relationship lasted for only two months before Kajala dumped Harmonize on the grounds that he was seducing her daughter Paula Kajala.

Through ‘Behind the Gram’, the reality show aired on a local TV station in Tanzania, Kajala revealed that she and her daughter had an affair with the same man.

Harmonize and Kajala got into a relationship for the second time after he desperately bought two Range Rover Evoque to win her back.

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The split between the two hit the internet in 2022 when Kajala took her Instagram page to announce the breakup, confessing how she failed her friends and family for taking his ex back.

Earlier this year the Bongo Flava star released ‘Single Again’ addressing the breakup. In the song, Harmonize came clean as to why their relationship ended. The official video for the song portrays Kajala cheating on him by texting romantic messages with another man.

Who is Harmonize?

There are many who know this artist, but they don’t know the history of harmonize well. By full name He is known as Rajabu Abdul kahali. He is an artist from Tanzania and he makes bongo flava music. Many know him as Harmonize, his stage name. His name Rajabu is given to boys born in the seventh month. According to the Islamic calendar, although in fact he was not born in that month, Abdul humanizes a slave in Arabic and also means severe storm. In fact, harmonize is a big star in Tanzania musically because his music is very high.

In the history of Harmonize I think you have also learned the meaning of its names. Before his contract with Diamond Platnumz, the owner of WCB, Harmonize was a street kid who was tired of living. His fame is when he was taken by Diamond on his record label. He recorded many songs on the Wasafi label until later when he left Wasafi and opened his own new label named Konde Music Worldwide. On his label, he recorded his first album called “Afro East” While being a clean label, harmonize released an EP (extended play) called “Afro Bongo” which featured many artists including artists from different countries in Africa. Currently, it is said that he is doing a new project, but it is not yet known what kind of project it is.

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The wealth of harmonize When we talk about the history of harmonize then we must touch on the WCB label. Harmonize started entering the long range when he joined the clean ones. After releasing a clean record, Harmonize was said to have lost a lot of money because he was required to pay before leaving the label for breaking the contract. Even after paying a lot of money, Harmonize is still doing well because Konde Music Worldwide’s label brings him millions. It is not yet known how much money he is currently earning, but it is a lot of money and it may be after Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize will be the second artist with a lot of money. Harmonize’s age Harmonize was born in March 1990 This means that in 2021 he is 31 years old. Harmonize’s children Like one year ago, harmonize announced that he will have a child with Sarah Michelloti. Later it was said that she was pregnant. There was a time when he was seen with a child on the internet who claimed it was his child, but it is not yet clear if it is true. Harmonize’s boyfriend Harmonize had a girlfriend from Italy named Sarah Michelloti. These two have been together but it is said that they are now divorced.

He recently started a relationship with Kajala but they also broke up because it is said that he also had a romantic relationship with Kajala’s child known as Paula Kajala.

His music pays well and this has allowed him to harmonize owning big cars and a luxury house. Some time ago, through his Instagram page, he posted his luxury house located in the middle of the city of Dar es Salaam. Harmonize on his label has a contract with artists such as country boy, ibraah and Angela. These artists are doing well musically as they have been well received in Tanzania and neighboring countries. That’s all for today regarding the history of harmonize.

Harmonize leaving WCB Wasafi

On August 2019, Harmonize had officially written to the group Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) wanting to break his contract and start another life outside the label.

Speaking to Wasafi TV, WCB Manager, Sallam SK (alias Mendez) said that the artist has officially written to the group saying he wants to withdraw.

Sallam said that at the moment the heart of the artist is no longer with WCB and he has called a meeting with the management of WCB in his quest to agree with the move.

“Harmonize is currently not in WCB, contractually he is still there. Why am I saying that? Harmonize has already sent a letter of request to terminate the contract and is ready to go through all aspects of the law to terminate his contract and it is something that we are interested in. He himself has agreed and has asked for a meeting with the leadership,” said Sallam.

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He said that the artist of the song ‘My Boo’ is still in the contract of WCB and stressed that it would be good if Harmonize would come out without causing trouble.

“We as an institution are satisfied with what he will decide, we cannot oppose anything. If he decides to follow that information, he has 100 percent of Wasafi’s blessing and if he wants to cooperate with Wasafi at any time we are open. You know when you leave in a good environment it helps the relationship,” Sallam was quoted as saying.

According to Sallam, the announcement that Harmonize has officially withdrawn from WCB will be officially announced after the whole process is followed and completed.

Sallam also said that at the Wasafi festival held in Mwanza, Harmonize used private transport to do some things in ‘Harmo’s way’ that gave the interpretation that he has separated.

“However, we are interested in his action because maybe there are things he has seen and if he does them, he will go far,” said Sallam.

The content of Wasafi festival is unity, if an artist decides to stop accompanying his fellow artists who are in the festival, it is going against the grain.

The manager has apologized to all the artists who participated in the Mwanza festival due to Harmonize doing that and that the management of Wasafi had no information.

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