What Does D Voice, WCB Wasafi Record Deal Really Means?

Tanzania’s most prestigious record label Wasafi Classic Baby, or WCB Wasafi as it is famously known to many, has on 16th of November, 2023 introduced a new talent in their record label who goes by the name of D Voice.

The new Singeli rising star was introduced in the Wasafi family on a special ceremony held at Superdome, Masaki Dar es Salaam, in the night accompanied by a number of A-list superstars, political leaders just to mention a few.

D Voice is his stage name as introduced by his record label, a new-generation-musician who was recently introduced by Africa’s number one label WCB Wasafi.

This is the future of brain music in general. Yes, he is going to carry the bongo music industry on his shoulders, it is only a matter of time.

He has a great singing talent, he has a very rare vocal, if you hear Issa Matona then if you hear Misambano then if you hear TX Moshi from afar like Kassim Mganga.

He can sing all kinds of music, but his main focus is beach music, especially singles, and the label is trying to find business for singles outside the borders, so expect him to walk a lot to find a way.

Dogo writes a lot, he has written many hitsongs of the old man of bwax kina major kunta and other hit songs. If you listen to his album, you will hear his writing skills, full of flavor.

He has a star look, something that is very important in art and he has not cooled down, unfortunately, in showbiz, he can do it, it is only a matter of time. His age is also young to match the main consumers of current music.

All the best to our little one, I wish you success in your journey to become a big superstar in the world.

I just advise you to continue to show discipline to everyone and, above all, stop your strange behavior that you have acquired now.

Bongofleva got a great gift, thanks to Diamond Platnumz and also to Zuchu for seeing this diamond in the sand.

But what does this record deal really means?

Rumors has it that the whole ‘D Voice-record-deal’ means to replace Lava Lava, a fellow musician under the same record label. Some netizens says the deal could mean hell to Lava Lava as the newly signed talent is going to be his big rival as they both use the exact same singing style.

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