Download | D Voice – Kama Wengine (Audio) ft. Diamond Platnumz

January 14, 2024

In the vibrant tapestry of the Tanzanian music scene, D Voice emerges as a rising star, showcasing a unique blend of talent and creativity. His latest release, “Kama Wengine,” featuring the legendary Diamond Platnumz, is not just another song; it’s a a mega anthem that proves the D Voice’s unique singing style of a fast-rising talent in the Tanzanian music scene.

Download | D Voice – Kama Wengine (Audio) ft. Diamond Platnumz


D Voice: The Rising Star

David Makuba, popularly known as D Voice has steadily carved his niche in the music industry with a distinctive style that seamlessly fuses traditional Tanzanian sounds with modern beats. Hailing from a rich musical heritage, D Voice’s journey began with a deep-rooted passion for music, and over the years, he has evolved into an artist capable of transcending cultural boundaries. D Voice caught the attention of Tanzania’s music fans when he was introduced by the most prestigious WCB Wasafi Record Label as it’s artist.

Diamond Platnumz: A Maestro in the Making

Diamond Platnumz, often referred to as the “Simba” of East African music, needs no introduction. His influence stretches far beyond Tanzania, and his collaborations with various artists have consistently elevated the regional music scene. When the melodious voice of Diamond Platnumz joins forces with D Voice, listeners can expect nothing short of a musical spectacle.

“Kama Wengine”: A Sonic Journey

The track “Kama Wengine” opens a door to a world where traditional meets contemporary, creating a sonic experience that resonates with a diverse audience. The song’s title, translated as “Like Others” in English, hints at a narrative that explores the shared human experience while celebrating individuality.

Lyrically, “Kama Wengine” weaves a tale of love, resilience, and triumph over adversity. D Voice’s poetic lyricism, coupled with Diamond Platnumz’s soulful delivery, adds layers of emotion to the narrative. The synergy between the artists is palpable, creating a harmonious blend of vocals that captivates from the first note to the last.

Musical Fusion: A Meeting of Worlds

One of the standout features of “Kama Wengine” is its seamless fusion of diverse musical elements. The track effortlessly blends Afrobeat rhythms with Bongo Flava vibes, creating a sound that transcends borders and speaks to a global audience. The instrumentation is a dance of tradition and modernity, with each beat carefully curated to enhance the overall listening experience.

Collaboration Dynamics: D Voice and Diamond Platnumz

Collaborations in the music industry can be a delicate dance, but when two artists complement each other’s strengths, the result is often magical. D Voice and Diamond Platnumz strike a perfect balance in “Kama Wengine,” each bringing their unique flair to the table. The chemistry between their voices creates a synergy that elevates the track beyond the realms of a typical collaboration.

The Production Prowess:

Behind the scenes, the production team plays a pivotal role in shaping the final product. In “Kama Wengine,” the production quality is nothing short of stellar. The meticulous attention to detail, the crisp sound engineering, and the strategic use of instruments all contribute to the track’s overall appeal. The producers have succeeded in creating a sonic landscape that allows D Voice and Diamond Platnumz to shine.

Impact on the African Music Scene

“Kama Wengine” arrives at a time when the African music scene is experiencing a renaissance. The global recognition of Bongo Flava and its sub-genre, Singeli, has opened doors for artists like D Voice to showcase their talent on an international stage. This collaboration with Diamond Platnumz not only solidifies D Voice’s position in the industry but also contributes to the ongoing narrative of African music’s global influence.


“Kama Wengine” stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of African music, where artists like D Voice are making waves with their unique sound. The collaboration with Diamond Platnumz adds a layer of prestige to the track, creating a musical masterpiece that resonates with audiences far and wide. As we embrace this sonic journey, it becomes evident that “Kama Wengine” is not just a song; it’s a celebration of diversity, a fusion of cultures, and a harmonious symphony that transcends borders.

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