Download | Darassa – Confidence (Audio) ft. Shedy

January 18, 2024

One of the artists who has consistently carved a niche for himself is Darassa. Known for his distinctive style and ability to blend various musical elements, Darassa has become a household name in East Africa. Among his many tracks, “Confidence,” featuring Shedy and produced by the talented Mr T Touch, stands out as a testament to his artistic prowess and commitment to delivering not just music but messages that resonate with the soul.

Download | Darassa – Confidence (Audio) ft. Shedy


Darassa, born Sharif Thabeet, rose to prominence with his breakthrough hit “Muziki,” which showcased his unique blend of Bongo Flava and Afrobeat influences. Since then, he has continued to captivate audiences with his catchy beats and thought-provoking lyrics. “Confidence” is a shining example of Darassa’s evolution as an artist, going beyond mere entertainment to offer inspiration and motivation.

Collaboration with Shedy

“Confidence” takes a collaborative approach by featuring Shedy, an emerging talent with a distinct voice and lyrical finesse. Shedy’s contribution to the track adds depth and diversity, creating a synergy that elevates the overall listening experience. Together, Darassa and Shedy weave a narrative that encourages listeners to embrace self-confidence, resilience, and the unwavering belief in one’s abilities.

The Inspirational Touch of Mr T Touch

Behind the scenes, the man responsible for the seamless production of “Confidence” is none other than Mr T Touch. Known for his prowess in the studio, Mr T Touch has worked with some of the biggest names in the Tanzanian music scene. His ability to craft beats that not only complement the artists’ styles but also amplify the emotional impact of the lyrics is evident in “Confidence.”

Lyrically Empowering

At the heart of “Confidence” lies a powerful message of self-belief and resilience. The lyrics, penned by Darassa and Shedy, delve into the struggles and challenges faced in life. However, the overarching theme remains one of triumph over adversity, urging listeners to find strength in their own capabilities. The song acts as a motivational anthem, encouraging individuals to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles with unwavering confidence.

Musical Composition

The musical composition of “Confidence” is a testament to Darassa’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries. The track seamlessly blends traditional Tanzanian sounds with modern beats, creating a tapestry of rhythm that is both catchy and culturally rich. The fusion of different elements adds a layer of authenticity to the song, making it relatable to a diverse audience.

Shedy’s Impactful Contribution

Shedy’s verses in “Confidence” complement Darassa’s style with a unique flair. His smooth delivery and poignant lyrics add a refreshing dimension to the track. As the song unfolds, Shedy’s verses become a driving force, further reinforcing the message of self-confidence and determination. The chemistry between Darassa and Shedy creates a harmonious balance, ensuring that “Confidence” is not just a song but an experience.

Mr T Touch’s Signature Production

Mr T Touch’s production style is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of the artists’ vision. In “Confidence,” his touch is evident in the seamless integration of instruments, the crispness of the beats, and the overall sonic richness. The production elevates the emotional impact of the song, creating an immersive listening experience that resonates with the audience.

Impact and Reception

Since its release, “Confidence” has garnered widespread acclaim for its empowering message and musical brilliance. The track has found a place not only in the playlists of Tanzanian music enthusiasts but has also transcended borders, resonating with audiences across East Africa. Fans and critics alike praise Darassa, Shedy, and Mr T Touch for their collective effort in delivering a song that goes beyond entertainment to inspire positive change.


“Confidence” stands as a shining example of Darassa’s commitment to musical innovation and delivering messages that transcend the ordinary. The collaboration with Shedy and the instrumental magic of Mr T Touch creates a musical masterpiece that not only entertains but also uplifts spirits. As Darassa continues to leave an indelible mark on the Tanzanian music scene, “Confidence” remains a testament to the transformative power of music when coupled with a meaningful message.

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