Dulla Makabila

Download | Dulla Makabila – Furahi (Audio)

Dulla Makabila has once again taken center stage with his latest release, “Furahi.” This highly anticipated song is not just another addition to his discography but a fiery diss track aimed at his ex-girlfriend Zaylissa and her current boyfriend, Haji Manara. With its catchy beats and provocative lyrics, “Furahi” has sparked a frenzy of discussions among fans and critics alike. Download | Dulla Makabila – Furahi (Audio) https://od.lk/s/MTBfMjM2MzE0NTg3Xw/Dulla%20Maakabila%20%20Furahi%20official%20Audio.mp3 DOWNLOAD NOW The Backstory Dulla Makabila, known...